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Idea: Ask the two primary Net Promoter Score (NPS) questions when asking for your customers’ feedback to improve the overall response rate.

Details: Adding questions outside of the two NPS questions reduces your overall response rate. You might be inclined to think that there is a happy medium. If asking 20 questions gives you a 4% response rate and asking 2 questions gives you a 30% response rate, adding just one more question shouldn’t hurt too much. Maybe it decreases your response rate by a couple of points … no biggie.

Unfortunately, the reality is that it’s not a perfectly balanced scale, so adding questions doesn’t decrease your response rate proportionately. It’s very disproportionate in fact. On average, for every additional question you add, you’ll decrease your overall response rate by 30 – 50%.

The two NPS questions include something like “How likely are you to refer this company to a friend?” and an open answered “Why?”




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